10 Must Have Best Windows 8 Software

Microsoft has yet again managed to come up with a great operating system with Windows 8. This version will enhance user’s experience because it has a lot of offer to its users’. With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft is expecting to bring back all the mobile, tablets users back to PCs. Windows 8 is one of it’s kind because it offers great support to touch devices etc. You might want to install some new softwares but you’ll be amazed to find out that Microsoft Windows 8 has various softwares and apps available of its own. Let us take a look at a few of the best Windows softwares that you should be looking forward to.


1.   Metro Commander

MetroCommander_Windows 8

Metro Commander is conventional but a great File manager as it allows user to view the interface of folders and files in Windows UI Style. The navigation is really easy and convenient and since the app allows user to Connect to SkyDrive account, he can easily work on the folders within the system with Windows UI. Features such as create, rename, delete will work in Windows UI Style.


2.   Multimedia 8:

2 - Multimedia 8

Multimedia 8 is one of the best softwares for all the music lovers. This will allow you to browse through various music files with ease. It will also support you in accessing internet music files. Apart from this multimedia 8 has 3d video support, Multilanguage media support, easy management of playlists, easy conversion of videos, wireless streaming, audio/video recording and a lot more.


3.    Norton Satellite

Norton Satellite

Are you sick and tired of malevolent links? Well, Windows 8 has the solution for you. By installing the Norton Satellite software, your socializing gets a lot easier. Norton Satellite scnas your Facebook feed, drop box and off course your local PC to prevent any malicious links.


4.   TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

If you are a Radio lover OR if you like to stay informed, this software is a must for you. It’s an innovative way to stay up to date with the news across the globe. It has over 60,000 radio stations and 2 million on-demand programs

5.   New File Manager V2

new file manager v2

I would strongly recommend New File Manager V2 for your Widnows8 because it is a spontaneous file manager, which converts your Facebook, Dropbox, skydrive etc into a user friendly interface. Thanks to this software your usage of media contents and bulk file operations will get a lot easier.


6.   Microsoft Device Centre

6 - Microsoft Device Centre

Windows 8 will actually help you in enjoying all the features related to keyboard and mouse. You will find a lot of new and unique features related to these two most important things of an OS and you will find this software in both 32-bit version and 64-bit version.


7.   Skype Voice Changer

7 - Skype Voice Changer

Windows 8 is going to be so much fun for all the internet users as it allows the user to change their voices while they are on a call. You will have a list of various voices to select from and this will make your Skype calls more enjoyable. This one is a must have for all the Skype lovers because Windows 8 just made things better for you.


8.   Wikipedia

8 - Wikipedia

Wikipedia has released a Windows 8 compatible software version and it is no surprise that a lot of good reviews are being written for this software. With this software you will find plenty of pictures, relevant articles. You can also view the articles that are recently added or updated. If you love reading, you will be delighted to know that this software also offers an invisible reading mode.


9. Facebook Messenger

9 - Facebook Messenger

Well, Facebook is the most famous social networking website and there are no doubts on this thing. Windows 8 offers all Facebook lovers a Facebook messenger and it will allow you chatting with all your Facebook friends even if you have not logged into your Facebook account. Isn’t that fun and interesting? This way you can always stay in touch with your close friends.


10. Free Books

Free Books

This app is a must have for all the book lovers and if you are one, be sure to get this. It will give you an access to more than 23,000 free books. Searching for your favorite book won’t be an issue as the list is organized properly. You also get to have a separate section for ‘Featured Books’ for your random selection.


Above are a few but one of the best softwares/apps available for Windows 8. If you have started using Windows 8, please share your experiences with us or share some good softwares.

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