Top 10 iPhone 5 Gadgets You’d Like to Buy

Since the launch of iPhone 5, the newest iPhone from Apple, the company that made this particular smartphone big in the market, there seems to have been a craze in the market all over world about it. This sixth generation touch-screen phone is said to be, by many fanatics, as the biggest thing that have happened to iphone since it was invented. Despite criticisms, it continues to drive people everywhere crazy about it, learning more and getting more! Compared to its previous versions, iPhone 5 is slimmer and lighter; four-inch screen model that showcases a higher resolution. Because of the demand and the fad, many companies and manufacturers have taken the opportunity to create accessories and gadgets that will enhance customer experience with the newest iphone in town. Here are ten of the most sought-after iPhone 5 gadgets:

10.  Mini USB Base Dock Charger

10. Mini USB Base Dock Charger


This charger is exclusively designed for iPhone 5. It is small and light, easy to carry around, with a built-in Apple eight-pin socket and an eight-pin USB cable to connect the dock to the computer while charging. A USB power adapter may also be used if youy prfer to connect it to a power outlet. Portability is the main feature of this charger.

9.  Bluetooth Talking Glove

Bluetooth Talking Glove


This gadget may seem to be odd for some, at the first look, but it has gotten sufficient attention to itself. Imagine a person working on a chore, wearing gloves, talking to the hand! People who buy this gadget are perhaps those who need to stay connected during work time or those who just wanted fun. This innovative glove is equipped with a built-in speaker, microphone, and function buttons. Its capacitive fabric allows control of the touchscreen even without taking off the glove. It can operate at the range of up to 12 meters, twenty hours of talk time, and could be dry-cleaned.

8.  Carcomm Apple iPhone 5 Cradle

8.  Carcomm Apple iPhone 5 Cradle

Of course, if you have the latest iPhone, it must work in your car to complete your total iPhone 5 experience! And Carcomm Apple iPhone 5 cradle is the total solution you may be looking for to install in your car. It has an active holder and uses an original PDA cradle connector that will secure your handset in place and safe-keep it from damage. The rotating swivel allows you to use navigation software conveniently and back to portrait position.

7.  Dock+ iPhone 5 Charging Dock

7. DOCK+ iPhone 5 Charging Dock

In an attempt to do away with the hassle of  using charging cables, gadget geeks have come up with this convenient and durable charging dock. It is made of solid aluminum and features a non-slip rubber base giving your iphone added protection. It can be placed either conspicuously or discretely around the house so charging can be as easy as docking and undocking. They say this is the first dock that was specifically designed for Apple’s iPhone 5 and other Apple-made devices.

6.  iZZi Orbit

6. iZZi Orbit

Among the celebrated features of the new Apple iPhone 5 is its higher resolution. This gadget will take your photo-taking using your iPhone to the next level. iZZi Orbit provides easy access to three, high precision optical lenses – the 180-degree Fish Eye, the 67X Wide-Angle, and, the 2X Telephoto. The optical lenses provide a range of options for a better picture-taking experience and satisfaction. In addition, it gives your iphone dual protection with its aircraft-grade aluminum light-weight shell and integrated soft-case sleeve.

5.  In-Car FM Transmitter

5. In-car FM Transmitter

Tune up to your favorite FM radio station while driving and enjoy your kind of music on your travel road. Using this high quality FM transmitter, you simply plug in the 3.5mm transmitter into your iphone. Whether it’s FM radio, your stored collection, or mp3 music, this gadget in your car will surely give you a go!

4.  Optical-Zoom-Lens-Camera-Telescope

4. Optical-zoom-lens-camera-telescope

Another great innovation is this iphone telescope with an adjustable focus that will bring your iphone experience to another level of fun and functionality. The telescope comes with a protective case for your iphone. So get ready for some fun and adventure, check it out and see for yourself!

3.  DOCK Box Accoustic iPhone Amplifier

3. DOCK Box Accoustic iPhone Amplifier

Play it loud! This iphone gadget gives your music-playing a boost without having to turn up your volume high and draining your battery. It is seven-and-one-fourth inches wide and four-and-a-half inches tall with a simple wooden finish. It can be customized with a range of different colors that fits your style, mood or preference. Don’t even worry about the power cord, it doesn’t need one! All of the sound goes to the dock which serves as a megaphone, so you can enjoy that extra bass effect you wanted.

2.  Slide-Out Bluetooth Keyboard

2. Slide-out Bluetooth Keyboard

Superb ergonomic technology scientifically and artistically combined with elegant design make up this gadget that allows you to conveniently chat, type text messages, emails and even play games on your iPhone 5 by using a sliding keyboard. Ultimately, what you need comes in one package in this slide-out Bluetooth keyboard. It has a protective case made of a rubberized hard-shell case. The qwerty keyboard, on the other hand, is powered by a USB rechargeable lithium battery. For those struggling with the built-in touch-screen functionality of your iPhone, this one’s for you!

1.  ZOpro Case-Integrated Charger 

1. ZOpro Case-Integrated Charger
Do you often run out of battery while you’re on the go and needs to urgently charge but could not carry a charger? If you always find yourself in this predicament, you better get one of this device. ZOpro is an iPhone case with an integrated cable for charging. By pulling the case apart, you will see a USB cable and a dock connector. Aside from this, ZOpro case is also compatible for use with a variety of accessories like Olloclip and other magnetic lenses, tripod, etc. Whether you’re into iPhoneography or not, you will find this gadget convenient, useful, and a pro!



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