Ten Most Amazing Tech Inventions in 2012

The world is moving fast and technological developments are happening every minute almost. We have been enticed by technology for some reason for a very long period of time and we are always poking our nose around looking for amazing new stuff that is discovered or invented. Even a concept has us gasping like crazy. Well, this particular list of ten most amazing tech inventions in 2012 is all about that. We scoured the internet and put the top ten right here for your convenience. If we missed any out do let us know and enjoy the list.


Transparent Touchpad Laptops

Many big companies are now creating transparent touchpads and laptops and that includes Intel as well. These touchpads and laptops are made of glass. There is something about transparent gadgets that just gets us doesn’t it? Transparent watches, cellphones or any high-end technological gadget, if becomes available in a transparent body automatically grabs our attention.


Fuel cell powered laptops

Battery issues are a major concern for people who buy portable devices such as mobiles, Mp3 players, gaming consoles and even laptops. The fuel-cell referred to in the heading is actually hydrogen powered fuel cells to be used in portable electronics. Just imagine the amount of power they will be able to produce and the time you will be able to spend on your electronic device without having the worry to charge it.


Hybrid computer gamepads

If you are a fan of gaming, you would know just how much this invention means to the community. It is a mouse originally, but roll it upside down and it is a fully functional game controller. The Chameleon X-1 is the first ever device in this category and it has been designed around the popular game franchise called ‘Assassin’s Creed’. This particular gamepad has 26 wireless buttons allowing you to customize each and every one of them according to your needs.


Electronic Cotton

Now this is a concept that was really striking to me. Who would have known that you could use cotton to conduct electricity and how they did it and what possible applications will that have is beyond me as of right now. The primary reason for this development was to understand how we, humans, move and interact with the environment having wearing cotton all the time. Well, that certainly is interesting.


Super Memory

How awesome would it be if you could boost your memory and potentially have the ability to memorize absolutely anything you come across easily and retain it for longer periods of time? That certainly is a moving phenomenon and currently drugs are being tested for future development. Also you would be interested to know that these drugs have been successfully tested on mice and it might not be long before a successful prototype for human consumption is created.

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