Top 10 Free Brain Teasers iPhone Apps

The iPhone is becoming a benchmark gadget nowadays. It can be used for different things aside from being a great smartphone. One of the most famous app categories is games. There are many different kinds of games for the iPhone. Games can also help people improve knowledge and reasoning. Here is a list of the best free brain teasers games available for easy download:

10. Clockwork Brain


Clockwork Brain is a game wherein players are intellectually tested by a series of mini games. Each game level has time limits which test players’ memory, logic and reasoning. This free brain teaser game also tests love for puzzles and great eye. This is a great alternative game for Sudoku lovers who want to deal with non- numerical logic game.

9. Stupidness 2


Do not be fooled by the title of this game. Stupidness 2 is a definitely challenging game. It is a puzzle game which encourages players to be unorthodox and to think outside the box. The answers and solutions to the puzzles in each game level are queer and funny.

8. Move the Box


This free brain teaser game is a puzzle game where players need to move boxes horizontally and vertically in order to solve it. The challenge is solving the problem in a limited number of moves. If a player cannot answer the puzzle, he or she cannot move on. The free version is all ready a great game, but the purchased version has over 600 levels.

7. What’s My IQ?


This game challenges players by asking a series of questions. The answers to the queries are measured in order to determine the IQ of the player. The questions can be serious or silly, but all are creative and challenging. What’s My IQ? is a family- friendly game which parents and kids can enjoy. This can be a great game for family bonding.

6. 77 Logic Games


77 Logic Games is a game wherein players deal with boxes. The objective of the game is putting certain things in the correct boxes. There are rules to be followed, and those who can solve the level will get the chance to move to the next. For those who are stuck, hints and tips are to be found. Just like what the name of the game implies, players can enjoy 77 different types of games in more than 2,000 levels.

5. The Room Pocket


This brain teaser game is a first- person point of view adventure game which deals with quizzes and puzzles. The Room Pocket involves a series of boxes that are needed to be cracked open in order to move to the next level.

4. Knowledge Trainer


Having the Knowledge Trainer game on your phone is like having a personal version of the Jeopardy game. It involves several topics which include arts, history, films, music, history, sports, science, and many more. Each correct answer opens up new and more challenging questions. This is a perfect game to pass time. It is an amazingly fun game.

3. 100 Doors 2013


This funny and exciting puzzle game involves you opening doors in order to move on to other levels. There are many doors but there is only one correct option. The player can find out which is the correct door by observing the clues around the door. Each level is unique and challenging.

2. 7 Little Words


The sleuth in you might wake up through this fun game. 7 Little Words is a word puzzle game where the player is given seven different clues that are all essential in finding out the correct answer to the given question. The player needs to find the right word which describes the clue given. This is a great game for language and reasoning enthusiasts.

1. 4 Pics, 1 Word


This is a simple yet challenging game. 4 Pics, 1 Word’s objective is finding out the theme of the four different images given. Just type the correct word, and the player win! There are many levels to enjoy and many different themes to keep players busy. This is one of the best of the free iPhone apps available. It can also be connected to Facebook and other social media platforms.

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