Top Ten Signs that your Best Friend Loves You

There’s a strong belief that a guy and a girl can never be just friends. That isn’t entirely true but true friendship between a guy and a girl is really hard to find. One of them, at some point, would fall for the other one and that’s just how things are. If you have the one friend that you consider to be your best friend (this applies both ways by the way but chances are that the guy would be interested in a girl), you might want to keep looking out for signs. That’ll help you in case you can’t return the same feelings when the time comes. This list talks about ten signs that your best friend loves you of which you should be on the lookout for. Enjoy the read.

Best Friends Fall in Love


It can’t really be considered to be a stare but it is something quite similar. You will and should notice that whenever you are talking, he will maintain a direct eye-contact with you. His eyes shouldn’t really roam about here and there, but they will stick to you and he would listen to you intently. His attention will not falter. Sometimes, you will notice your friend looking at you even when you are not talking and that’s the point you ask him about it. Chances are, he won’t be able to come up with an answer.


No matter what happens and how improbable the situation is, that friend of yours will always make it so he gets to spend time with you and you get to be with him. He will enjoy your company and go out of the way to be with you just for that very reason. You will not see him with other friends and chances are that he would ditch your friends for you.


If your friend is into you, there is absolutely no way he would let you be sad on your own. He will always talk to you about it and he always try to make you feel better no matter what the situation is. He will take all your whining just so he’s there to see you smile again. The bottom line being that he will always be there for you.


Continuing from where I left of, he will always be there for you. That means that you can always trust him whenever you need help and he will provide it. It doesn’t matter if it is the dead of the night or the break of dawn, you call him up and ask him a favor and he would do if for you. Moreover, he will be excited to have you ask a favor from him; he’ll feel needed.


You will find that your friend is always looking for excuses to take you out to a nice dinner or something. Of course, he is too scared to make it sound like a date so he will come up with legitimate excuses but he is sure to make your evening worth your while. He will pay for you food and let you have a nice time, always.


You will also notice that whenever you are talking, he will pay full attention to what you are saying and would usually have some nice advice in case you are having some problems. He will prove to be a fantastic listener and he will be all about you, your day, your problems, your routine, your activities and schedules; all in good intention of course.


No matter where you go and how improbable the situation is, he will always make sure that he is the closest to you. He will sit with you at all times or at least try to but he will also make sure that he isn’t being very obvious. But somehow, it will end up with you guys sitting together almost everywhere you go together.


You will be his primary target when it comes to playful hitting, teasing or even annoying at times. That’s because he will be the most comfortable with you sub-consciously so if something mischievous comes up, he will automatically look towards you and you will take it because you will enjoy it as well.


If you want to see that best friend of you shut up, try talking about some other guy that you like or something. Or otherwise, try talking to him about some other girl or vice versa. That conversation will not last for more than a minute.


You should notice a change in him when he’s with you. The way he behaves, the way  he carries himself, the way he dresses up, the way he talks – absolutely everything that has anything to do with his personality will be at an all-time best when he’s with you.

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