Top 10 Most Dangerous Places on Earth in 2012

Travelling is one of the activities that relieve someone from stresses in life that come from work, school, and even family concerns. This is the best antidote for all the hangs-up and concerns that anyone encounters. This is not just an avenue to enjoy life, but also to discover new things, learn important places on earth that have not been discovered. Natural creations are reminders that not all things can be exchange in any monetary amount. It invigorates and relaxes the mind. However, there are also places here on earth, which are not safe for travel because of associated risks and threats against life.

Here are the 10 most dangerous places on earth in 2012 that you have to know. It’s up to you if you would take this list as an advisory or the other way around.

10. Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy

It is considered dangerous because of the number of eruptions that Naples, Italy had received since 79 A.D. In fact, there were 50 eruptions recorded that actually buried cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii. In fact, there is a threat of another blow of eruption that would kill millions of people, other than that a force evacuation might be enforced. The reason behind is because of the active volcanoes in the area such as Vesuvius, the resort island of Ischia and the littered volcanoes in the Mediterranean Sea.

9. Northern Australia

Northern Australia

This place is known for deadly animals especially on the seas. In fact, there are certain period that you could not go for a swim because you might encounter the box jelly fish, salt water crocodile, and worst the great white shark.

8. The Sahel region of Africa

The Sahel region of Africa

Drought is the main issue here wherein great drought occurred in 1972 up to 1984 that left 100,000 mortality rate. The main cause is because of the Sahara Dessert that caused lack of water supply that result to dissertation. It’s anticipated that famine might be experienced in the future since its extended in other places in Africa like Nigeria, Niger, Mali, and other nearby areas.

7. Ethiopia


There are two major concerns in this place. First, the history of famine and drought that took place in 1984-1985 wherein about 1 million people died. There’s a possible chance that it would happen again because the water sources are dried up here, and low supply of food. Second concern is rebel attacks along with other poverty-related crimes and aids.

6. Guatemala


Natural calamities or disasters are the main issues why it’s a dangerous place such as mudslides, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Since it lies on the ring of fire and has an active loop along the Pacific Ocean. It’s true that there are also countries that part of the ring of fire, but Guatemala has an extreme position. In fact, 23,000 people killed last 1976 because of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake.

5. Yungas Road, Bolivia

Yungas Road, Bolivia

This road is also known as a road of death wherein there is a high record of fatalities since there are no guard rails. In fact, you could see numbers of makeshift graves and wreathes because of those people who died on this road as a respect for those people who fell off on this road.

4. Java and Sumatra, Indonesia

Java and Sumatra, Indonesia

These are two islands in Indonesia which are disaster prone areas among all other places that you could find in Indonesia. According to the report issued by the Center for Hazards and Risk Research at Columbia University, tsunamis, volcanoes, landslides, and earthquakes are the most dangerous factors since there were series of disasters happened between 1907 and 2004 wherein thousands of people were killed.

3.The Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope

This is the seafarers’ nightmare in the south coast part in Africa. There had been numbers of shipwrecks that happened in this place. In fact, the MTS Oceanos was the most notorious that there were no traces left after it sunk deep in Cape Horn.

2.Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

There is a threat for more than 12.8 million that live in Istanbul because there is North Anatolian Fault that would rupture anytime. In fact, in 1999, it caused 7.6 magnitude earthquake that killed an estimated 17,000 people. The continuous shaking of ground according to Nature Geosciences would put the life of the people in this place in danger.

1.Snake Island, Brazil

Snake Island, Brazil

Even if you have not yet arrived in this place, you would already feel goose bumps because before you step in this island you might step on snakes that playing around anywhere. In fact, you have to get a permit before they allow you enter this place. The reason is there are numbers of venomous yellow vipers wherein its breeding is already uncontrollable and its growing tremendously.


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