Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Christians

Religion is an important aspect to human’s behavior. In fact, it affects the attitude and the way person thinks towards specific issues, ideas, ideals, and principles.  Majority of the population is concentrated on people’s beliefs about God and its existence. There might be various denominations that teach different understanding about His role to human’s life, but it points towards the right way of living which is also called spirituality. Christianity has evolved in the history centuries back. This is being passed on from one generation to the other. However, there are places which are not safe and restrict anyone to freely express their affirmation on what they believe to be true and right. Here are the 10 most dangerous countries for Christians, and find out why.

10. Laos


The religion here is Buddhism while Christian population is about 200,000 and it’s under the communist state. The government itself is already contentious and spiteful. In fact, Christians receive that kind of treatment to those who have authority to exercise power over them. In fact, they cannot worship freely because of fear, and restrictions especially in assumption of roles in community. In fact, there has been a large of Christians that were killed, arrested, driven out, and held without fair judgment.

9.  Uzbekistan


Out of 27.5 million population rate in this country, you could find 208,600 christian followers, and the remaining are believers of Islam. However, spike is being extended to them instead of friendship. Unreasonable wages to them are being implemented, social rejections, illegal prison sentences, and unjust expulsion from their above, and their right to worship.

8. Iraq


The target of inhumanity here is Christians wherein some were victims of maltreatment, injury, killings, and bomb attacks. The primary religion in this place is Islam despite that their government is under parliamentary democracy, but freedom to make a stand, and to have a voice is limited solely to Christianity.

7. Yemen


This is a republic country that has 23.6 million populations wherein there is a very low rate of Christians since the main religion here is Islam. It is really expected that aside from religious choice and expression, foreigners are also subjected to the limitation that they are implementing. In fact, according to their law, it is strictly prohibited. In fact, some were deported because of their opposition to follow this specific subject of the law.

6. Maldives


It has only few Christians since it has the same regulation that Yemen implements under the Sharia law. It indeed limits in all aspect to exercise the right to express their beliefs and the opportunity to worship not unless Islam is your sect. In fact, it becomes rigid after the discovery of bible from foreign visitors who were Christians themselves.

5. Somalia


There is great fear among Christians who are secretly following their beliefs. Some have decided to flee to another country in order to save their lives since once caught; you’ll be killed in front of your family. There is no really identified form of government here since 1991 although they are under the transition or adjustment process. Hence, majority of the believers of Islam would really want to shun away Christianity in their country.

4. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

It is a monarchy type of government but Islamic religion reigns solely in this country. Christians are not allowed to their public worship, not even preaching of the gospel which considered canonically as apostasy period which also happens in this era. In fact, majority of foreign visitors, and those who have migrated in this country are limited to do their rituals at their home. Either you would be deported or would be banned permanently in entering their lands.

3. Afghanistan


It is expected that few believers of Christians are living in this place since Islam is a dominant religion, and it’s an Islamic Republic type of government. In fact, Christians are greatly persecuted from the society, community, government, local authorities, and even their families. They can’t meet as one congregation, and they are really in a very low profile. In fact, executions were given as a capital punishment when baptisms were made and seen on television.

2. Iran


There are about 450,000 Christians living in this place in the midst of Islam denomination which is the primary sect under the Islamic Republic government. There were Christians that have been arrested, and being harassed by government leaders and authorities.

1. North Korea

This is the only country on this list of most dangerous countries for Christians where Islam is not a dominant religion. In fact, majority of the population is practicing or following atheism. Nonetheless, there are about 400,000 Christians out of 20 million living in this dynastic communist dictatorship type of government. In fact, there is no equality and rights in this place since; they believe that religion considered to be an opiate more than a way of life.

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