10 Unseen and Natural Wonders of the World

The earth is such a beautiful place. It is filled with majestic views, beautiful people, and even hidden places which are not yet seen or visited. On this list, you would see a place that receives the most amount of rainfall down to the most unusual monasteries. These destinations are must-see, where human fascinations are literally gauged because of the uncommon points that trigger curiosity that result to appreciation of divine and natural beauty of the world.

10. Cherrapunji of India

Cherrapunji of India

It is the Wettest Place on Earth. It holds the world record of downpour after it received over a thousand plus inches of rain on 1861.

9. Eros Lake of India

Eros Lake of India

The lake is shaped like a heart. Believe it or not, it is not man-made, but is totally formed by nature. It is located at a top of a mountain so getting there will be hard, but it is worth the hike if you see this one of a kind lake.

8. The Leshan Giant Buddha of China

The Leshan Giant Buddha of China

This is the largest stone carved Buddha on earth. It was built on the very long reign of the tang dynasty. It was built so that the villagers are hoping that this carving will calm the raging waters that threatened the ships that pass through the river.

7. The Inca City of Machu Picchu in Peru

The Inca City of Machu Picchu in Peru

This one of a kind city located on a mountain ridge 2,400+ meters above sea level. It was built for the incan emperor named Pachacuti, and noted by archeologist as the most known icon of the Incan world.

6. Heaven’s Gate Mountain Cable Car Ride at China

Heaven’s Gate Mountain Cable Car Ride at China

You have to gather enough courage that you can get once you see this cable car ride.  Fear is part of the amusement especially once you fly high wherein you would feel the pressure within you.

5. Yellow Mountains of China

Yellow Mountains of China

Have you experienced four seasons in a day? Well, when you visit the yellow mountains in china, then, you will be numbered among those people who had undergone this strange phenomenon. It is also called Huang Shan by the Chinese.  Every hiker in the world will be amazed by the type of climate that it actually brings.

4. Immortal Bridge at Mount Thai in China

Immortal Bridge at Mount Thai in China

If you think nothing is impossible in this world, then, you have to see this rock formation for yourself. This bridge balances the huge rocks despite that it’s a whole-sized house, but it sits perfectly one with another.

3. Villarica Volcano of Chile

Villarica Volcano of Chile

The only way to see this one of a kind volcano is through bungee jumping. That’s right! But you have to pay at least $10,000 just to experience this kind of thrill. You will be dropped off from a helicopter into the bubbling lava. Don’t worry; there are no records of fatalities.

2. Lake Baikal at Siberia

Lake Baikal at Siberia

This is the oldest and deepest lake known to a man. At 30 million years old, it serves as a catch basin of some 300+ rivers and it is emptied through a single avenue namely the Angara River.

1. The King’s Walkway in Spain

The King’s Walkway in Spain

This gorge is in the southern part of Spain. This kind of walkway is not actually what you call a tourist attraction because a traveler already died here trying to get across this deep (700m) path.

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