Top 10 Best Bike Racing Games for PC

Aside from the usual car racing games that have been all over the place where famous names like Need for Speed, DiRT, and NASCARs are taking the scene, another racing game to be considered playing are motorcycle racing games that offer the same high-rev action, including the speed, and the fun of running on racetracks and other dangerous terrains. Even though these games may be fewer than that of cars, there are still the top 10 best bike racing games for PC that you may want to spend some time with, pushing your thrill for speed in a different level. Check this list out and see if you love the feeling of flying high on dirt tracks, or gliding your knees close to the road while making a sharp turn.

10. Moto Racer 3

Moto Racer 3

Released in early 2002, Moto Racer 3 was published by EA (Electronic Arts) and Infogrames in its quest of making motorcycle racing more in depth and fun by offering more modes of play, and even the chance of racing head to head with real players through their online multiplayer mode. Although you can get in touch with Speed, Supercross, Freestyle, Trial, or Traffic modes, this attempt of giving a new sense of drive for motorcycle gaming fans only garnered mediocre scores and feedbacks from gaming authorities during review and testing.

9. AMA Superbike

AMA Superbike

AMA Superbike has achieved its goal of providing realistic motorcycle racing to many game fans everywhere, especially since they have included big names like the Ducati 996, Honda CBR600F4, Suzuki GSXR600, Kawasaki AX-7RR, and the Yamaha R7 being run on real-life racetracks such as Laguna Seca, the New Hampshire International Speedway, and Road Atlanta, which is familiar to motorcycle enthusiasts. Even though its graphics may be considered average, its seamless SIM action is more than enough to keep you satisfied.

8. MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology

MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology

Slipping a bit off from reality is what makes MotoGP3 a bit of a fun experience for motorcycle racing fans who love the feel of encountering a SIM game into a different level. This may be the case, but you are more than connected with the real world thanks to over 16 world-famous tracks that include LeMans in France, and other places such as Tokyo, Prague, and even in Qatar. Graphics, physics, and even weather emulations in the game are convincing, where the only letdown you’ll get is the upset of playing in online mode where frame rates drop low during gameplay.

7. Motocross Mania

Motocross Mania

Other than the usual motorcycle racing games that you usually play, Motocross Mania provides a great escape to this common racing genre where you are offered to rev up on creative and high-jumping tracks that keep your tempo fast-pacing, which even makes you feel that jump off your seat. Enjoy game modes such as Motocross, Supercross, Baja, and Freestyle where you take on elevation jumps, sharp turns, and short jumps, all in one fun-filled track.

6. MotoGP 2

MotoGP 2

Perhaps it makes you wonder why the second installation of this game is better than the third one, even though it fell short on the glory of reigning supreme in the PC market. But when you come close and personal to MotoGP 2, one of the prevalent feedbacks that you may provide is its critical attention to detail, plus the obvious differences when playing riders like Daijiro Kato, Max Biaggi, or Valentino Rossi.

5. Moto Racer 2

Moto Racer 2

Another successor beater comes in the character of Moto Racer 2, where it showed a feature that has been utilized best in this release than that of the 3rd version of the game. Thanks to its track-editing feature, which usually takes racing fans by surprise, the replay value of this version is greatly realized and appreciated. After all, you can create a new route in case you are getting bored of the usual 32 tracks that are already enough of an option.

4. Castrol Honda Superbike World Champions

Castrol Honda Superbike World Champions

If you are in search of a Superbike Simulator that is simple, stripped down, and downright action-loaded, then the Superbike World Champions is your ticket to realistic motorcycle racing. Featuring one bike only, the Honda RVC-RC45, you will get to test one of the speediest and most heart-pounding rides you could ever come across with as you ride from 0 to 100 in 4.9 seconds, 160hp, and runs at 187mph max. Maneuverability is seamless to perfect, physics is beyond compare, and sensitivity is critical, which is realistic to most superbikes running at sharp speeds.

3. Superbike World Championship

Superbike World Championship

One thing that makes EA Sports Games great to play is its pursuit of bringing out the best graphics, gameplay, and of course, soundtrack selection. Despite that Superbike World Championship satisfies the very expectation you get from an EA game; it also goes beyond imagination thanks to action and SIM modes that give you all the flexibility you need, where additional elements like weather, difficulty, and even lifelike Superbike rules, and engine failures can affect your play. Quite interesting isn’t it?

2. Motocross Madness

Motocross Madness

If you like getting mud all over your bike while enjoying all the high-rise action with road tracks that aim to please, then playing Microsoft’s Motocross Madness can get you filled in with all the fun you can get. With almost perfect graphics and entertaining gameplay that can keep you hooked in for hours, whether you are playing national races, supercross races, or the amazing Baja modes.

1. Superbike 2001

Superbike 2001

There is no better way of enjoying Superbike Simulation as being made by an Italian gaming group, the place where speed is the name of the game. Developed by Milestone Studios and distributed by EA Sports, Superbike 2001 gives you all the 13 Superbike World Championship seasons, big pounding bikes from Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki, Aprilia, Honda, Kawasaki, and Bimota, and superb details of all the action, plus the umbrella girls that aim to please.

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