Top 10 Best Armies in the World 2013

When we talk about a nation, or a country, There might be enemies out there, looking for the right time to take advantage of the situation and harm your country and put life’s in danger. That is the point when your protectors, your ultimate defenders play their role. Yes, I am talking about the army of your country. These are the men who dedicate their lives in the name of patriotism and for defending their beloved homeland. Below are the top ten best armies of the world 2013.

#10: United Kingdom


The British army, like other best armies, also has three divisions within them and those are the navy, air force and army. There number of solders crosses the figure of 200,000 people while there defense budget allocated for the UK army on annual basis is around 58 billion dollars. Having around 5,500 war tanks and armed vehicles and around 1,800 helicopters and aircrafts, the army of UK is considered to be a viable force and beside that a good friend of the Unites States. The numbers of solders that are active on duty are far more less as compared to any other country while the budget allocated for them is the largest one.

#9: Pakistan


The existence of Pakistan military was initiated when Pakistan itself came into existence in the year 1947. The military of Pakistan is also based on three divisions that are navy, air force and army. The total numbers of people serving in Pakistan army, with their own will, are more than 600,000 people. The defense budget for Pakistan army exceeds the amount of 5 billion dollars and is also the smallest of the budgets allocated for the army among this top ten list. When compared with the U.K military status, Pakistan has more numbers of helicopters and aircrafts than U.K and also the number of armored vehicles and tanks exceeds the figure of 9,000.

#8: Iran


The first brick of formation of military in Iran was led in the year 1923 and as a result of which they now have more than 500,000 active solders in their army. As it has more naval crafts than the combined number of crafts of U.S and U.K and also has almost the same number of helicopters and air craft’s as china has, Iran’s army is considered to be one tough wall that is very hard to bring down. They have their defense budget just over the figure of 10 billion dollars that ranks it on number eight in the list.

#7: France


People and other military forces don’t look much upon the France army that is the reason that they don’t have such a reputation but the statistics about the France army tells completely a different story. While having a budget of 58 billion dollars, the number of people serving in France army exceeds the figure of 360,000 while the number of helicopters and aircrafts are far less as compared to other countries forces.

#6: Turkey


They history of Turkish army is almost 2000 years old but the latest divisions within the military system came into existence in the year 1920. They figures which brought the Turkish army on the top ten list was their defense budget that is near to 19 billion dollars  and their active duty force members that are over 600,000. Beside this, having more than 11,000 armored vehicles and tanks also help the Turkish army to make its room in the top ten armies 2013 list.

#5 North Korea


Unlike others, North Korean Army has five divisions in their army that are navy, special operations, ground force, air force and strategic missile force. It has over 1 million active duty members and South Korea and those who are in alliance with South Korea are treated as enemies by North Korean army.

#4: India


Having a defense budget of $44 million, Indian army has more than one million active military personals and has the smallest naval craft. Having sufficient number of helicopters, armored vehicles, tanks and air craft’s are the reason for ranking it on the middle of the list.

#3: Russia


The Russian force that is currently active was founded in 1992 while their military history is of decades old. As per the government policy, all those male who comes in-between ages of 18 and 27 are liable to serve in the Russian military for a minimum period of 12 months irrespective of the fact that the male is either a parent of one or two children’s or a student. Their defense budget is of $64 billion while they have1.2 million active duty force members in the army. They also posses sufficient number of military air craft’s and helicopters and also have a large number of nuclear warheads though that are not much active currently and collectively all these aspects makes the Russian army among the best armies.

#2: China


The army of china was founded in the year 1927 and has around 2.3 million active duty force members that is the largest force in the world. When comparing the defense budget, it was found that with 129 billion dollars, china is on second number for having a large defense budget for its army and that is the reason china has been ranked on number two in the list of top armies 2013. With recent advancement in the economy of china, there is a chance that china’s army would emerge as the number one in near future.

#1: United States


The history of military of United States goes long back to 1775. U.S.A has the honor to have the second largest force that is on active duty which takes it on the top of the list of armies 2013. But what makes U.S army to come on the top is its defense budget. U.S army has a budget of $689 billion that has exceeded the budgets of all the armies that are mentioned on this list by $300 billion. Beside this, U.S military force also has the largest number of warheads that are currently active. Other than this, U.S also bears the record of having highest number of helicopters and aircrafts and has slightly more armored vehicles and tanks as compared to what china has.

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