10 Cool Jobs that Pay Well

A haggard, job-sick-and-tired, friend of mine recently asked me a question that I have since pondered about: “Where will I get a job that will pay me well enough and not worn me out the way my job does?!” After a sigh, I decided to give it a thought and finally came up with this article for her and for all those out there sharing the same sentiment. And I’m glad I did because I found not just easy jobs but even odd ones I never thought existed. Here are the best ten for me. Read on and have fun!

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10.  Be a Greeter!

10. Be a Greeter!

You see them in big stores and it’s impossible not to notice them because it’s their job to be happy to see us! I laughed at it first but after I learned that this is actually a job that pays pretty well, I think I have a change of heart – I got interested, even for part-time, wouldn’t you? Not only do you get a good salary for smiling all the time and by answering general questions from customers, count in the health benefit of smiling, plus companies that hire them also usually get health benefits and perks from the establishments! There may be some irate customers during the day, but they will not count significantly against the benefits of being a good greeter.

9.  Live and Get Paid as a House Sitter

9. Live and Get Paid as a House Sitter

I knew some people who look after a house or a property they don’t own, but I never really thought it’s a worthwhile occupation. Some might think this is a boring job, but hey, think about the free accommodation, do other things to earn money while being paid on you actual time at work! A lot of retirees, singles, and even young families take advantage of this kind of job. In fact, if you research about it, it’s growing to be a trend.

8.  Try Being a Sommelier

8. Try Being a Sommelier

First time I heard about it, I looked it up in the dictionary and found out it should be pronounced soh-mel-YEA. A friend told me a long time ago that he wanted to be one so I remembered he wanted to be someone who tastes to identify and help improve wine flavors. I thought what a job that was! A sommelier may also be tasked to maintain the stock of wine and sometimes travel to wineries to choose wine.  The Certified Masters earn around $80,000 to $160,000. Most workers in this industry are men, so if you’re an interested female, go for it!

7.  A Voice-Over Artist

7.  A Voice-Over Artist

You think you have some “voice” potential? Many people earn decently by doing voice-overs for cartoons, advertisements, and even foreign TV series. At first, they say, it would be hard to get through to these companies that hire them, but once you’re in and get some experience, fortune will be on its way. In this job, natural talent is a plus, but if not, voice training will do the trick.

6.  Be a Crime Scene Cleaner

6. Be a Crime Scene Cleaner

Relax! It’s not as technical or complicated as it sound. Seriously, all you need is a strong gut. Cleaning up any mess including the bio hazards and pathogens in a crime scene may be off for some, but thinking about $37,000 and up a year, this job is as easy as it gets.

5.  Give being a SHOT GIRL a shot

5.  Give being a SHOT GIRL a shot

This may not be an easy one, but may be cool for some. As the name implies, they bring shot to guests but their job description may not be limited to that. They usually offer alcoholic beverages to customers and make sure guests are satisfied. Of course, an applicant must be 18 years old and above, must have excellent interpersonal skills, and good physical and mental skills for strong body-mind coordination while serving the drinks. Wage is considerable at $5.00 per hour but it’s the tips that make it tempting.

4.  Earn as a Web Surfer

4.  Earn as a Web Surfer

Always online? This one’s for you. People get a job by getting clients that need them to do some virtual work for them. It could be taking surveys, writing blogs, research, or even by simply visiting websites. The more time you spend online and the more work you accomplish, the more income you get. There is really no limit to how much you can earn online.

3.  Wanna be a Secret Shopper?

3.  Wanna be a Secret Shopper

If you like shopping, you’ll love this job. Just imagine getting paid for shopping! Ironic as it may seem but it’s true! Businesses hire mystery or secret shoppers to do market or business research for them. It’s, in a way, being an undercover agent. Strict compliance to confidential security procedures is required, but with the excitement it brings the a whole new experience while getting paid, you wouldn’t want to turn this job down.

2.  Consider a Food Tester

2.  Consider a Food Tester

Another cool job is that of a food tester. Your risk is getting fat! This job requires a person who will ensure that the foods the companies produce are consistent in taste and quality. Some company may have high standard in hiring a recruit, but once hired, $35,000 is not a bad food-tasting salary at all!

1.  A TV Watcher!

1.  A TV Watcher!

This one I think is the coolest of all! The tasks can range from merely channel surfing to encoding language captions for the hearing impaired. Compensation for this hobby starts at $25,000 and higher.  What may be cool is that you’ll not need to get up from the couch the normal employee would long to drag himself to after a day of work, because watching TV is your work!

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