Top Ten Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Earlier we discussed the ten most aggressive dog breeds in the world. This time around it’s about the ten most dangerous dog breeds known to mankind. What you need to understand is that aggression and danger are two different terms and the most aggressive dog is not exactly the most dangerous dog or vice versa. Upon reading this particular list you will realize that that what I mentioned earlier is in fact true. We hope you enjoy reading the list and your comments are always welcome. Let us know we missed out on a breed you think deserved a spot here. Rankings might change based on personal opinion but the following is how we look at them.



Funny how these guys made it to this list. I remember watching 101 Dalmatians and I used to think they were adorable. But the fact that they are in this list changed my perception alright. They are very intelligent and their memory is spot on. Their survival instincts are A-class and they are more of an independent type of creatures. Don’t let their appearance fool you, they are dogs after all and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of their aggression.


Alaskan Malamute

These dogs look amazing with their fur coat and everything almost like a wolf. They need a lot of exercise and so it is safe to assume that they are very energetic. Exercise make them happy too and if they are bored, they might not even listen to you. They are very active and agile and they are full of energy. The fact that they look like wolves is enough to tell you how dangerous they might get and how full of aggression they might be.


Presa Canario

If you are unlucky enough to be attacked by this dog, chances are that it won’t be pretty. They can kill their prey in an instant and you don’t want be one the receiving end of their bite. One of the most obvious features of this particular breed of dog is just how fearless they are. They are very powerful with the ability to stop a man even.


 Doberman Pinscher

The most important characteristic of these dogs are their alertness, intelligence and loyalty. These guys are considered to be one of the best choices when it comes to guarding. If they are provoked or if their family is in danger, they will attack without a second thought. Their family will also include their owners of whom they are very protective.


Chow Chow

These guys weight between 50 to 70 pounds. They look cute and cuddly but don’t let the appearance be any kind of deception. They tend to be independent and therefore you might feel they are distant however, they require as must attention as any other dog. If you don’t breed and train them properly, their aggression might make the best of them.

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