Top 10 Animal Species near Extinction

Many a times you must have heard that Panda is an extinct species. Well, it sure is true but it’s not the only species that is near extinction. There are a lot many other animals in this world whose habitat is under destruction and thus they are near extinction. Here is a list of top 10 animal species near extinction starting from number 10.

10. Mekong Giant Catfish

Mekong Giant Catfish

Giant Catfish

Mekong is native to the region of Southeast Asia. It has been estimated that only hundreds of giant catfish are remaining in the world now. This fish was prized for its enormous size and the largest catfish that has ever been caught weighed 646 Ib. The length of fish is around 3m. The fish is listed in Guinness Book of World Records. Although it is now kept in protection in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, people keep on fishing.

9. Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Polar Bear is native to the circumpolar Arctic. Their estimated remaining number during the current time is fewer than 25,000. Earlier the habitat of polar bears was being destroyed by human developmental activities. But recently the scenario is changed and the same human activities have triggered a climatic change so averse that life on earth has become extremely difficult for these bears. The loss of sea ice due to global warming effect is pushing their survival in a critical condition.

8. Giant Panda

Giant Panda


Here comes the Panda who is famous for his extinction. Panda is native to Burma, Vietnam and China. Total number of Pandas remaining in the world is fewer than 2000. No one is responsible for Panda’s perilous state but the loss of habitat and its fragmentation. To help protect this species’ survival species protection is done by captive breeding. None know how beneficial these efforts would be. 99% of panda’s diet is bamboo. It is the most endangered species on the earth. That’s why it has made it to the headlines.

7. Borneo Pygmy Elephant

Borneo Pygmy Elephant

Borneo Elephant

Did you even think of elephant being in this list? Well, this is not some well-known about fact about elephants. Something that you would be really shocked to know about Borneo Pygmy Elephant is that this species is listed endangered since 1986. It is native to Northern Borneo and the estimated remaining number of Borneo Pygmy Elephants to be alive on earth is just 1500. This is really pathetic. These elephants are shorter than Asian elephants and are more docile. These are near extinction because of reduction in palm plantations.

6. Black-Footed Ferret

 Black-Footed Ferret

Black Footed Ferret

Black-Footed Ferret is native to North American Great Plains. It is the continent’s one of the most endangered mammals on the planet and the continent’s only living ferret. The more shocking thing is that back in 1986, there were only 18 ferrets left. But with the help of humans, the species is reviving.

5. Golden-Headed Langur


Golden-Headed Langur is native to Vietnam. Less than 70 Langur are left on planet and it might be so that your children will never be able to see one if humans keep hunting them down. This primate was placed under special protection against extinction in 2000 but it is still in grave danger. For the first time in decades in 2003, the number of this species rose.

4. Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger is native to Sumatra, in Indonesia. The remaining number of these tigers on earth are lesser than 600. These are only found in Sumatran and have lived there for millions of years. This tiger is smaller in size than the normal tigers you see on television.

3. Cross River Gorilla

Cross River Gorilla


Cross River Gorilla is native to Nigeria and Cameroon.Less than 300 gorillas are left on the face of earth. All thanks to the human love for wild hunting. It has been on the lists of extinct species since 1980s. These gorillas are hunted down for their bush meat. It is said that due to crowding out of this species they may not last longer than few years.

2. Vaquita



Vaquita is native to Gulf of California and it is said that only 200 to 300 vaquita are now present on the planet. This is one of the rarest cetaceans in the whole world and is endangered because it gets caught in fishing nets very easily and is left in very limited range now.

1. Javan Rhinoceros

Javan Rhinoceros

Javan Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros javan is a species which is native to Indonesia and Vietnam only. Less than 60 rhinos are remained on the earth now. This, perhaps the largest mammal of land, is in grave danger owing to loss of natural habitat.There the list of top 10 animal species near extinction ends.

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